Your last will has the power to improve the situation of the elderly

Nearly 10 million elderly people live in Poland. One in five of them is at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The average old-age pension paid to the inhabitants of villages in which the “W Trosce o Życie” Foundation operates mainly amounts to approx. PLN 1,460 gross per month. Older people living alone are in the worst situation. 94.6% of benefits paid from social assistance to seniors go to them. 34% of people aged 75+ live alone.

Low pensions and the lack of financial support from relatives make the elderly lose meaning in life, fail in health, suffer from depression, feel forgotten, unnecessary.

If, like us, you do not agree to this state of affairs, you want to help them do
Foundation “W Trosce o Życie” your heir.

What will we do with your money?

We provide regular care in homes and in day care centers.

We provide access to specialized services: nursing, psychology and rehabilitation.

We provide palliative and hospice care to those most in need.

Constant contact with volunteers and neighbors is guaranteed.

We make seniors feel noticed, taken care of and cared for.

We make them get help in emergency situations.

How to draft a will well

A will is an important document that disposes of all of our life’s possessions after we die.
Find out more how to prepare it so that it has the power to change the situation of the elderly!

If you have already included the W Trosce o Życie Foundation in your will, please let us know. We would like to know what you expect from us and what you would like to allocate your donation to.