Home nursing services

In-home nursing services are provided for hospice care, long-term care and specialized care services. Under specialized nursing care services, we provide:

  • assistance in accessing health services,
  • arranging and keeping track of medical appointments,
  • diagnostic tests,
  • assistance in buying or ordering medicines from the pharmacy,
  • keeping an eye on taking medications and observing any side effects of their use,
  • in particularly justified cases, change of dressings, assistance in the use of medical aids and supplies, orthopedic items, as well as in maintaining hygiene,
  • assistance in reaching health care facilities,
  • assistance in getting to rehabilitation facilities.

Nursing services are provided in cooperation with primary care physicians and specialists employed by the hospice and include activities concerning the implementation of medical orders and, to a large extent, the verification and implementation of patients’ health needs and their individual care plans. An important aspect of nursing services is educating patients and their families on health-promoting issues.

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